Is your songwriting or artist career adrift on the music industry seas with no direction? Do you have a great melody trapped in a cliche hook? Are you lost in a creative forest with no compass? Do you have a demo in need of rescue?

Song911 offers the following services:

Big picture: connecting your dreams to your days
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Group coaching
  • Self-directed coursework (coming soon!)
  • Critique/feedback
  • Catalog assessment
  • Studio engineering/production
  • Song rescue
  • Metadata & catalog management
  • Navigating distribution
  • Registration, copyright & collection
There’s no such thing as a songwriting emergency. But if you have one, Song911 can help!


On Nashville’s Music Row, Sumiko is assistant to independent music publisher Steve Bloch, who consults for Demolition Music Publishing (Jon D’agostino, Haven) and listens for Doug Johnson of Black River Entertainment (Kelsea Ballerini, Abby Anderson). 

On the west coast, Sumiko wrangles music for Los Angeles based NARIP – National Association of Record Industry Professionals. Under the guidance of superconnector Tess Taylor, she connects songwriters and publishers with music supervisors and synch agents, through pitch events, educational seminars, and networking brunches.

Born and raised in rural northern Ohio, Sumiko learned how to write notes on staff before she knew how to write words! Songwriting has been a part of her blood from jump. As a fourth-generation Japanese American, she brings her unique perspective and a fresh take to the music industry. She spent 15 years in the American southwest with her then husband, running a traveling music school – teaching music to young Navajo and Apache students.

As that wrapped up, Sumiko explored her old passion as a songwriting major at Berklee College of Music’s online degree program. Her mentors there directed her steps, and in 2017, she found herself looking at a fresh start. She landed right back where she’d always dreamed of being: in the heart of Music City.

Call her up if you’ve got songs you’re stuck on, admin tasks you hate to do, if you need to learn the biz side, get feedback on your catalog, or get a 10,000 foot view of your career and dreams. Whatever the nature of your song emergency, Sumiko can get you back on track!

As an artist and songwriter with big dreams it can be easy to act impulsively on the urge to put one’s self and one’s work out into the world. Sumiko explained that having clarity of purpose, and making decisions with specific intention will help me map out and attain my goals more directly and immediately. She provided me with concrete, hands on tools and strategies to assist me in these efforts.
Arielle E. – Songwriter/Artist, NY

Sumiko is mindful and intuitive in really having her pulse on what’s going on and what is a good fit. This could quite possibly be a game-changer for me, and maybe a career maker. I feel really great about Sumiko as a coach and as a person and the work that we’re doing, so if anyone is thinking about doing any coaching with Sumiko, I would recommend her ten times over. 
 Jenny S. – Artist, CO
As a songwriter, a huge part of my writing process is getting honest & professional feedback from trusted ears. And Sumiko has been an invaluable source of this professional feedback.  Over the last several years, Sumiko has helped guide many of our projects to the finish line. Her constructive feedback & guidance with not only the lyrical content, but also our song concept/hook delivery,  overall emotional impact of the songs, and even the performances & production elements within our demos has been an essential piece of our successes.  Sumiko’s attention to these details gives us the best opportunities for our demos to consistently hit the mark! 
Robb S. – Songwriter, LA/Nashville
What is the nature of your song emergency?
Drop me a line and let’s chat about it.
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